Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning (Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman)

Commercial kitchens easily become dirty and greasy, generating airborne grease, carbon and steam which can condense on the inner walls of kitchen ventilation ducts. These deposits will build up causing a reduction in airflow, foul and become a significant fire hazard if regular cleaning of the ventilation system is not performed. Cleaning canopies and filters will remove all carbon, grease and fatty deposits, reducing the risk of fire and improving airflow/hygiene and ventilation to the kitchen. We offer friendly and professional cleaning services for commercial kitchens within hotels, restaurants, hospitals, care homes and all other premises that cater with industrial kitchens. We understand that all our clients have different needs and therefore, we are flexible in our approach. To avoid the financial implication of closing your business, we are happy to carry out cleaning at a time suitable to you; evenings, night time, early mornings or even the weekend – we will work around you and the needs of your business.

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