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Ants are the most common pest for any household or office space. There are more than 12000 species of ants across the globe. Ants are mostly environment friendly, but when enter an office or residential space, they can be quite annoying also. Ants are very hardworking and can lift weights up to 10 to 50 times of their body weight. They do not have ears and lungs. They are quite social and live in colonies. A single colony can have millions of ants. They have queen ants, worker ants, male ants. Male ants only mate and do not live very long. Ants are as old as dinosaurs. Ants can swim and are the longest living insects. They feed on sugar, carbohydrates, meat, fruits, juices, and decaying insects. They leave the trail to the food for other ants to follow.

The common types of ants found in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman are carpenter antspavement antsyellow crazy antsbranded sugar antsPharaoh antsOdorous House AntsRed Imported ants and Argentine ants. These ants are almost found everywhere in the residence or offices. They are attracted towards food particles, wood and dead insects. They multiply very fast, and make colonies. It is important to control ants, because they can vanish food overnight also. Infections also can travel with them.

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Why Choose Our Standard Ants Treatment in Dubai and Sharjah?

Are looking for a professional ants pest control in Dubai? Our expert technicians specialized in controlling all types of ants. Carpenter Ants damage the wooden furniture by making them hollow. All the wooden furniture is inspected very well and sanitized. Anti- ant medicine is injected in the wooden furniture or wooden structures. These medicines are kind of poison or insecticide, and helps in killing the ant colonies.

Another process is baiting, in this process, baits are used to attract ants. Baits are laced with insecticide and ants kept at strategic locations where ants can be easily attracted towards this. When the worker ants come and take this, it travels to their colonies with them. The other ants when they touch these worker ants, also get the insecticide food, and eventually this is transferred to all the ants in the colony. This is a very effective way to control ants be it office, commercial or residential space. This is completely safe and long lasting. However, it takes time to control with this process.

Our Unique Approach To Ants Pest Control in Dubai

Another way to control ants is spraying. In this process, insecticide is directly sprayed around the colonies. This is an immediate way of controlling ants, however, in this the colonies do not die, and only the ants which are visible dies. This process gives immediate relief from the ant’s menace. Our unique sprays are completely safe to use at your homes and offices. Our solutions are designed as per your requirement. Our expert team will take care of all the precautions while implementing solutions, to make it convenient and comfortable for you.


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