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Bed Bugs Pest Control in Dubai, UAE

Many insects travel with human civilization. Bed bugs are similar insects, which has travelled across the globe with the humans. Bed bugs are known to humans as old as 3300 years ago and are believed to be originated either in Egypt or Middle East. Bed bugs are red brown in color. Climex Lectularius is the most common bedbug in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. These bed bugs have become resistant to pesticide in the last 2 decades. Hence an end to end solution is required to deal with bedbugs. Bed bugs live in mattresses primarily; however, they can hide in clothes, furniture, fabric, curtains, pillows, almost everywhere except glass items. They feed on human blood, and can cause many allergies, skin rashes and psychological issues. These bugs cause irritation and can be a reason of stress too.

Bed bugs pest control is the second most booked pest control services, after cockroach control service in Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman. Bed bugs can survive for 3 months without food. They can survive in higher temperatures too. Bed bugs not only infects residences, but can infect commercial spaces too. Where ever fabric is, bed bug infestation can easily be transmitted. Bed bugs are nocturnal in nature. Due to their adaptive nature, they can survive in colder regions also. They can consume human blood up to 7 times their body weight in one meal.

Why Choose Our Standard Bedbugs Treatment in Dubai and Sharjah?

Our team will evaluate the bed bug infestation, and accordingly will provide the long-lasting solution. Our eco-friendly and innovative solutions will be sprayed in the nook and corners of the furniture where they mostly hide, mattresses will be sanitized. Our services are quite professional and on time. Our team is completely trained for bedbug infestation. Also, we provide follow up visit after the treatment.

Another process is raising the temperature of the affected place to a certain level, which bedbugs cannot stand. This will help in killing bed bugs, their eggs and nymphs immediately. But this process is carried out only if the situation and the place is suitable. This is a very effective way of controlling bed bugs.

Bed bug Removal / Treatment In Dubai

Provides expert bedbug extermination services. We maintain a team of highly trained technicians who employ effective, low impact, low toxicity treatment methods to eliminate your bed bug infestation.

A few preventive tips to control bedbug's infestation:

  • Change the mattresses covers frequently.
  • Keep your clothes in hangers preferably.
  • Travel suitcases, should be kept far away from beds.
  • Declutter home and residential spaces.
  • Washing or sanitizing linens, curtains frequently.