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Rats, like rodents and mice, have always been difficult to control in Dubai, especially when they multiply so quickly. Rats are carriers of a range of bacteria and viruses, such as the Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), which may be airborne and pose a huge threat to human health and safety. As rats are very observant of their surroundings, they are typically able to outsmart humans by avoiding traps and baits, thus making rat control a substantially difficult task.

Signs of a Rat Infestation

Homes that are infested with rats may often see homeowners detect a strong, pungent smell in the home. Homeowners facing serious rat infestations often complain of a strong stench of decay that cannot be easily located and only disappears after a period of a few days. This is usually the smell of a dead rat in the home, which is a strong indication of a serious infestation. Dead rats require up to weeks for the body to completely decompose before the stench of death is gone from the household. Their bodies may also be the host of a variety of viruses that spread rapidly in the air, which makes them a serious health hazard.

If your home is infested with rodents, rat droppings may be observed around the floor of your home. These droppings may appear harmless but can contain multitudes of bacteria and viruses that may spread airborne diseases. Handling these droppings without the proper equipment and professional assistance would expose you to the risks of serious diseases that may be fatal. If you happen to inhale the virus particles, you may suffer from a series of painful symptoms that may ultimately lead to death. As such, it would be wise to contact a reliable rodent control company in Dubai in order to reduce the risks of disease.

Engaging a Top Classic Pest Control Company

It is not recommended for homeowners to conduct their own rodent control procedure as they may be putting themselves at risk of contracting diseases from these rats. Furthermore, the small body size of these mice allow them to squeeze into small compartments and pipes, which make them difficult to catch without the proper equipment. Their ability to reproduce at a very fast rate further complicates matters as it is nearly impossible to completely get rid of them without engaging a professional rat control company. If you suspect that you are facing a rat infestation, your best bet is to engage a pest management specialist to effectively eradicate the problem while reducing the risks of spreading disease.

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