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Guaranteed Fleas Control For Dubai Residents

The climate in Dubai means flea season is every season. Fleas are a potential problem both inside and outside of homes, whether you have pets or not! Rodents, the growing number of stray cats across Dubai, neighborhood dogs, and wildlife all can be a source of fleas in your yard. Once on your lawn, you or your pets can then bring them indoors. Top Classic offers flea control solutions guaranteed for 90 days so you can rid the fleas from your house and reduce the population of fleas in the yard.

How We Get Rid Of Fleas

If you’re dealing with fleas in your home, it’s time to take action. Fleas can live for an average of 100 days even without a blood meal source (you or your pets!) If the fleas in your home have access to meals, the female fleas can lay eggs within 36 to 48 hours of sucking your blood. Before you know it, your house could be overrun by fleas! Keep scrolling to learn more about our interior and exterior flea treatments.

Interior Flea Treatments

To treat the interior of your home, we’ll need you to do some preparation work for us to make sure the treatment is effective. We’ll give you the instructions before your treatment appointment, but it will include things like vacuuming furniture and rugs, washing floors, and planning a relocation for your family and pets on the day of treatment. You will also need to show proof that any pets have been treated to activate your 90-day guarantee.

A pest technician treating the outside of home for fleas

Exterior Flea Treatments
If you have a yard full of fleas, your pets will end up bringing them into the home. You can even end up bringing fleas in without even realizing it! If rodents get into your home, they are also common carriers of fleas that can then take up residence inside. As stray cats, possums, rats, and squirrels travel around the great outdoors, they drop fleas. To reduce the flea population on your property, we can provide exterior flea treatments on your lawn to reduce significantly the number of fleas that may be brought inside.

Multiple Fleas Treatments Are Necessary
Fleas can be tough to remove from a home, which is why we recommend getting professional pest control services if you have fleas. When fleas lay eggs on your pets or even on humans, they hatch into larvae within about a week. From there, the tiny larva crawls into a dry area to spin the pupa case (like a caterpillar cocoon), where it will eventually emerge as an adult flea once it detects a warm-blooded host is in the area. Females only need one blood meal to begin the flea cycle again. During the cocoon stage, no chemicals or flea treatments will affect the flea. This means you may have flea treatments that eliminate all of your adult fleas and larvae, but any cocoons in your home would be protected and will still hatch. As a result, it’s necessary to do multiple flea treatments to rid your home of all fleas, but after your second treatment and proof of pet care, we’ll cover you with our 90-day guarantee.

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